Colorado Marijuana Edibles Star in Oscar Nominee Gift Bag

Coda Signature wants to bite into the Hollywood elite.
Coda Signature wants to bite into the Hollywood elite. Courtesy of Coda Signature
Trying to gain the approval of popular social media personalities has become a common marketing tactic for marijuana companies, but one Colorado edibles brand is going after much bigger fish. Coda Signature, a Denver-based manufacturer of marijuana-infused chocolate bars, gummies and even bath bombs, will have a spot inside gift bags given to nominees at the 92nd Academy Awards carmeony.

Considering the crusty track record of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences, you might be surprised at the inclusion of a weed brand in an official Oscar goodie bag — and that's because it's not. A marketing company, Distinctive Assets, curates a luxury collection of gifts for nominees every year and awards them to acting and directing nominees independent of the Academy. The "Everyone Wins" gift bags are known for their lavish contents, which typically include jewelry, first-class vacations and other goodies catering to expensive taste.

This will be the second time that Coda is featured inside the goodie bag; the company gave non-infused versions of their chocolates to nominees in 2019. This time, Coda wants to provide Joaquin Phoenix, Charlize Theron and the rest with the real lineup of THC-infused treats. But even though the nation's first restaurant licensed for marijuana use sits in Hollywood (the same city hosting the Academy Awards), California laws banning marijuana samples for the public prevent Coda from putting actual weed edibles in the gift bags. To get around this, the company is offering Oscar nominees an IOU.

Coda, which also operates in California's marijuana market, is providing celebrities with a certificate for a free at-home tasting of Coda Signature’s infused chocolates. The tasting will be guided by Coda's top chef, Lauren Gockley, who knows how to make one hell of an infused dessert.

Coda CEO Mark Grindeland says that the company wants a presence at Hollywood events in order to bring marijuana "to the forefront of American culture.” If that gets Coda inside Quentin Tarantino's house with a bunch of weed, then godspeed to him. 
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