Colorado Marijuana Stores Typically Run Short at the End of Summer | Westword

Ask a Stoner: Why Do Dispensaries Have Shortages?

Cannabis isn't a Palisade peach, so what gives?
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Dear Stoner: I've been to several dispensaries over the past week that are running low on weed. Is Colorado drying out this summer?

Dear Sirloin: While there are certainly outdoor growing operations that harvest only a single, huge batch once a year, most of the pot we smoke in Colorado is grown indoors, which allows for multiple cycles and harvests — so it's not like good weed comes and goes after summer here, like Palisade peaches. But commercial cannabis still isn't consistent, even in Colorado, where we annually see a dwindling supply as summer ends and the industry prepares for Croptober in the fall, when the product from all of the outdoor harvests becomes available.

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Lindsey Bartlett
According to the dispensary owners and managers I've talked to, our current situation is mostly a mixture of heightened demand and short-term shortages. Like liquor stores, most dispensaries are seeing increases in sales during the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving suppliers and vendors scrambling to fulfill orders in time. While shortages are likely in the coming weeks or months, right now you should be able to find what you need at another store if a three-day wait is too long.

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