Pot Revenue Could Fund New Education and Law Enforcement Programs

Colorado dispensaries sold over $1.5 billion worth of products  in 2018.
Colorado dispensaries sold over $1.5 billion worth of products in 2018. Jacqueline Collins
Bills are still being introduced in the Colorado General Assembly. A key part of a proposal's success or failure is how much money it would cost taxpayers and where the money used to fund the initiative would come from. Since 2014, one of the easiest targets for funding has been marijuana tax dollars.

"Any new revenue source to the state is something that everyone is going to take a chunk of, if available," explains Jason Warf, executive director of marijuana lobbying group the Southern Colorado Cannabis Council. Warf says he and his colleagues regularly look at bills asking for marijuana funds to make sure the proposals aren't overreaching or too costly.

So far, eighteen bills asking for marijuana funding have been introduced, calling for tens of millions of dollars to support causes such as expanded public school construction and educational programs, health-care initiatives, law enforcement intelligence and reform of programs for the homeless. And many more are expected to come through the State Capitol.

"As long as the money is appropriated properly, we allow the state to appropriate it as they see fit through the lawmaking process," Warf explains. "I'd give some credit to legislature. Thus far, the allocation of marijuana funds has been pretty fair. It's going to be a busy year, as always. We just encourage people to show up at the Capitol and make their voices heard."

Find information on the eighteen bills (their text and funding requests could change with amendments) asking for marijuana revenue funding below. The language comes directly from the bills.
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