Hash pen batteries all used to be the same, but times have changed.
Hash pen batteries all used to be the same, but times have changed.
Herbert Fuego

Ask a Stoner: How Do I Replace a Dead Hash Pen Battery?

Dear Stoner: My hash-cartridge battery died, and I don’t have a charger. Can I take the hash juice out my of cartridge and mix it with my brownie mix to make edibles?

Dear Ben: If it’s pure hash oil and there’s no vaping liquid in there, then you can dab or eat that oil all you want. But don’t give up just yet. Up until a couple of years ago, nearly every hash cartridge fit the standard 5-10 thread, so you could screw them into any basic vaporizer or e-cigarette battery. The universal thread allowed us to be casual with our batteries, which also all used the same style of charger. What an easy time that was…

Unfortunately, concentrate companies wised up, and now many of them make cartridges that only work with their branded batteries. Even some hash-oil cartridges that still have the 5-10 thread are only compatible with their specific batteries, which puts you in a shitty situation if you leave Colorado. Some companies aren’t as picky, though, so it’s still worth buying a cheap battery to test it out. If that doesn’t work, contact the concentrate company and ask if they’ll send you a new battery. Remember: Sending hash-oil cartridges through the mail is illegal, but mailing batteries isn’t.

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