Althea's Cheese by Design is located inside Quixote's True Blue.
Althea's Cheese by Design is located inside Quixote's True Blue.
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Eight Denver Spots Where You Can Add CBD to Food and Drinks

If cannabinoids were colors, CBD would be so hot right now. The non-psychoactive compound, known for its ability to help with certain forms of anxiety, pain, inflammation, seizures and other ailments, is derived from the cannabis plant, and that includes hemp. When CBD comes from hemp, fewer legal hurdles bar its inclusion from products — and American consumers are literally eating it up.

Available as an addition to dishes/drinks at several restaurants and (mostly) coffee shops around town, CBD can be a relatively affordable supplement to your lattes, cold brews, doughnuts and even pizza. Want to keep your body humming next time you get a bite to eat? Check out these eight cafes and eateries.

Coffee Shops

Blue Sparrow Coffee
3070 Blake Street

Denver Bicycle Cafe
1308 East 17th Avenue

Carbon Coffee
1553 Platte Street

Drip Denver
955 Lincoln Street

Mattina Cafe
2240 Blake Street

Precision Pours
1030 East South Boulder Road, Louisville


Glazed and Confused
2501 Dallas Street, Aurora

Althea's Cheese by Design
2014 South University Boulevard

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