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Did the Dispensary Budtender Overserve Me?

They were in on the scam or too stupid to know about it. Either way, they're out.
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Dear Stoner: My friend and I were visiting Lake Tahoe and decided to try weed for the first time, so we went to a dispensary. The budtender recommended twenty-milligram THC candies and a gram of hash rosin because they were "the best." Both were too expensive, so we left — but that sounds like a lot for beginners, right?

Dear Kerny: That budtender was in on the scam or too stupid to know about it. Either way, they're out.

Recommending that to a first-timer is greedy, negligent or both. Most people who regularly eat weekend weed gummies get baked on ten milligrams, so twenty would leave you dehydrated, nauseous or stuck with an anxiety-ridden headache. A gram of rosin would be acceptable if you had a consumption device for it and a veteran stoner to guide you, but you two were obviously not equipped with either.
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If a budtender knows you're a first-timer and still suggests rosin, chances are you're being overserved.
Jacqueline Collins
This budtender was operating dangerously and should be reported. Overserving cannabis to beginners can lead to a bad night spent inside, or something even more harmful. Next time, start with 2.5 to five milligrams, depending on your size, and a gram of flower or a vape pen.

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