Ask a Stoner: Do Strain Names Mean Anything on Vape Cartridges?

Ask a Stoner: Do Strain Names Mean Anything on Vape Cartridges?
Dear Stoner: Does the name of a strain on pen cartridges even matter? The high from every hash pen is pretty much the same to me.
Hairy Terry

Dear Hairy Terry: The cannabinoid and terpene profiles of a concentrate are essentially what connect hash with the strain used in extraction, and most concentrates used during the early years of vape pens and cartridges were filled with butane hash oil or CO2 oil. Although far from the highest-quality concentrate, BHO has concentrated amounts of those cannabinoids and terpenes, retaining those qualities you recognize in a strain. CO2 oil, although more refined, doesn’t carry those terpenes over.
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Jacqueline Collins
Products filled with CO2 oil and distillate, another refined form of THC, must be mixed with outside terpenes to simulate the taste of true hash, but sometimes they’re filled with just THC and vaping fluid. Those fall into your “pretty much the same” category. However, there are several lines of high-quality vape cartridges filled with live resin and rosin, which are the most flavorful forms of cannabis concentrate out there. Those live-extract puffs of Mandarin Cookies and Chem 91 are usually free of vape liquid, so they taste even better than a fresh bowl.

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