Durango Dispensary Issues Recall Over Pesticide Concerns

Durango Dispensary Issues Recall Over Pesticide Concerns
Jacqueline Collins
A Durango marijuana dispensary has issued a recall over concerns regarding banned pesticide use during plant production, according to the Colorado Marijuana Enforcement Division.

Kinfolk Farms LLC marijuana cultivation, doing business in Durango as Kinfolk Farms, has recalled two marijuana harvest batches after the MED and the Colorado Department of Health and Public Environment determined that growers were using banned pesticides.

The recalled strains are Blue Dream (batch number: BlueDream021720) and Mai Tai (batch number: MaiTaiFR11292020), with the cultivation license number 403R-00378; all of these names and numbers should appear on the packages in which the marijuana is sold.

Kinfolk Farms representatives didn't respond to a request for comment, but the dispensary website says that they "cultivate pesticide-free cannabis and regularly test our products for purity and consistency."

The MED recall doesn't list the banned pesticide that Kinfolk Farms' marijuana tested positive for, but notes that anyone who possesses the recalled products "should return them to the retail store from which they were purchased so they can be properly disposed of."

The recall notice continues: "Consumers who experience adverse health effects from consuming the product should seek medical attention immediately and report the event to the store from which they purchased the product. All affected marijuana has a label affixed to the container that at a minimum indicates the license number of the retail marijuana business that cultivated the marijuana. Consumers should check the label of their retail marijuana for the following license number and harvest batch numbers." 
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