Facebook Groups for Stoners, Growers and Those With the Munchies

Facebook Groups for Stoners, Growers and Those With the Munchies
Jacqueline Collins
Although not as hip as it once was, Facebook is still an easy place to connect with others who have similar interests such as music, sports, food and even cannabis.

Officially, the social networking giant isn't that keen on the plant, barring any groups with the words "cannabis" or "marijuana" in their names from coming up during general searches. But if you keep looking, you'll find Facebook communities full of hungry and creative stoners, pot growers, edibles chefs and more. Here are eight we're fans of so far.

Creative Stoner Lounge
A rare canna-centric Facebook group that doesn't require a request to join, Creative Stoner Lounge is exactly what it sounds like: a place for artistic and witty tokers to display their creations, and for pot-friendly creatives to find work and friends to collaborate with. Although most of the work has a cannabis connection, that's not required.

Highly Edible
Interested in cooking dishes infused with cannabis, but want some motivation? Quickly nearing 10,000 members, Highly Edible is a place to share recipes and concoctions that go far beyond weed brownies. While you can't post about much other than cannabis edibles and topicals, there's more than enough content to chew over.

I'm High and This Is Food
Plenty of people prefer their cannabis and food to be enjoyed separately, and this group is the place for them. Usually good for over sixty posts a day, I'm High and This Is Food focuses on posting "literally just the shit you eat when you're high," according to the page's description. After seeing what these hungry stoners have created, you're likely to agree.

I'm High and This Is Vegan
Pretty much the same as the group above, but for vegan munchies only.

Older Stoners
One of the plant's fastest-growing demographics, older users (specifically those over 55) are showing much more interest in medical marijuana, CBD and recreational pot now that they're becoming legal across the country. Older Stoners is a group for users forty and above, so no need to worry about new slang and memes from young punks. Membership is currently almost at 21,000.
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