Why Colorado Tokers Love Frankenberry

Fill your bowl with Frankenberry.
Fill your bowl with Frankenberry. Herbert Fuego
We all have our own reasons for loving cannabis, and one of my biggest is the way it enhances nostalgia. Cartoons, music and food from my childhood all have a little extra meaning after I smoke pot — and let's face it: No one my age has any other reason to watch Good Burger. My love for Halloween has undoubtedly returned to peak levels thanks to the plant, leading me to geek out on slasher films, popcorn balls and pumpkin carving during and after each smoke sesh this past month.

Not only does Frankenberry ramp the ghoulish effects up a notch as you puff a joint and watch Michael Myers get back up for the tenth time, but it also takes you back to mornings before school, eating a bowl of the strawberry-marshmallow cereal — and so does the strain’s cakey, berry flavor.

Like Dr. Frankenstein’s monster, Frankenberry is something of a genetics assemblage: Most accounts trace it back to Purple Urkle and either Big Bud, Blueberry, Blue Island Skunk or another sativa-leaning strain. But Denver’s most popular cut, at The Herbal Cure, is bred from Banana Kush and a sativa-leaning phenotype of Blueberry, so you’d have to be one of the undead to have the time to map out the strain’s real lineage.

Any version of Frankenberry I’ve come across carries subtle purple hues and syrupy flavor sure to satisfy anyone who likes sugary, candy-like strains. The high is said to be sativa-leaning, but I’ve never received much of a physical burst. Still, the creative jolt to my imagination is enough for any sort of art, reading, writing or design project — as long as it doesn’t involve much moving or conversation. Frankenberry tends to put users in a zone, making certain tasks easier or more fun — but talking to another human can be somewhat burdensome. Use this as a solo strain unless you're a high-gusto individual.

Frankenberry is a difficult strain to track around Denver and the dispensary scene in general. It’s regularly available at The Herbal Cure, and I’ve seen it in shatter form at Frosted Leaf. The Herbal Cure's cut might not carry the traditional genetics, but it's definitely the sweetest Frankenberry I've had that doesn't come with marshmallows. Although a little pricey at around $40 an eighth after tax, it’s way more of a treat than a trick.

Looks: Frankenberry has more of a sativa bud structure than indica, with open, spread calyxes that create fluffy, foxtailing nugs. Its light-green color, occasional purple shades and speckled trichomes give it even more of a sativa appearance.

Smell: Frankenberry carries a heavy, sweet smell of syrup and berries — similar to Strawberry Cough, but with tart biscuit notes on the end, like sourdough bread.

Flavor: Although it’s a little more earthy and hash-y than its smell implies, Frankenberry carries a lip-smacking sweetness similar to its cereal inspiration, with thick, syrupy tastes of berries and a doughy flavor to soak it up.

Effects: Expect an even-keeled high that relaxes more than energizes. Despite its calming nature, Frankenberry enables users to maintain focus while enhancing creativity, making it ideal for a number of at-home projects. However, the strain has been known to make users anti-social, especially after the peak high is over. Frankenberry’s medical benefits include treating nausea, insomnia, muscle tension and stress.

Commercial grower's take: “We carried it a few years ago. I know the genetics are kind of disputed, and The Herbal Cure pretty much messed everything up — I say that as a compliment — with their version, which tastes amazing. We used Purple Urkle and Big Bud genetics, but I’ve heard of people using Blueberry, Thai sativas and others. Yield is high — if you use the Big Bud cut, at least — which is why we used it. Grew pretty short for a sativa; I kept expecting it to stretch, but it never did. Didn’t taste as good as The Herbal Cure’s, though. Not even close.”

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