Ask a Stoner: Getting High for the Movies

Ask a Stoner: Getting High for the Movies
Dear Stoner: What's the best way to get high at the movies? It doesn't need to be literally at the movies, but right before, at least.
Roger Eburnt

Dear Roger: Getting high for the movies is like getting high before traveling on an airplane, but with two differences: time and sleep. Because most movies don't last longer than two hours, you'll have to schedule any edible eating precisely. An edible takes anywhere from thirty minutes to over two hours to kick in, so you could be stoned before the previews end or sober until the final credits. And since falling asleep during a movie isn't nearly as desirable as falling asleep on a plane, you don't want to get otherworldly stoned before arriving. (Getting too stoned will also kill any chance of remembering specific quotes or scenes.)
click to enlarge If there's an empty back row in a lightly-filled theater, take advantage of it. - GETTY IMAGES/AGENCYBY
If there's an empty back row in a lightly-filled theater, take advantage of it.
Getty Images/agencyby
It all boils down to how well you know your body's response to cannabis, and how greedy you are. If you know how quickly certain edibles work for you, you could easily arrange to feel the effects throughout the movie. If walking through the theater red-eyed and becoming victim to the expensive concession stand aren’t issues for you, then burn heavy in the parking lot beforehand — or just bring your hash pen and go for an empty back row...

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