Ask a Stoner: Am I Too Old for Gravity Bongs? (2)

Ask a Stoner: Am I Too Old for Gravity Bongs?

Dear Stoner: At what point is one too old to use a gravity bong? I rarely smoke, but when I do, I prefer a gravity bong. But apparently that's juvenile, according to my mother.

Dear Andres: Whatever your mom’s opinions about the maturity of gravity bongs, if that’s her only issue with you hitting one, then you have a pretty fucking cool mom. The optical part of gravity bongs might be up for debate, but it’s worth considering an alternative simply for health reasons alone. Inhaling all of that stale smoke at once is much worse on the lungs than a standard hit from a pipe or bong, which isn’t exactly great on the respiratory system to begin with. Gravity bongs are also gross for your teeth, speeding up the yellowing and browning process that smoking already started.

Still, they provide one helluva rip.

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