Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Toke on Halloween?

Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Toke on Halloween?
Dear Stoner: Where can I blaze up on Halloween outside of my house? The wife doesn’t want my smoke bilowing out of the house when the kids come trick-or-treating.

Dear Spooked: She probably doesn’t want your high ass around the candy, either. If you don’t have a friend’s house to go hang at or you’re scared to puff outside or too cheap to buy a vape pen, the best options are either a private, weed-friendly event or a smoking lounge. There are a few members-only lounges in and around Denver, such as Club 64, iBake, Studio 420 and Summit Recreational Retreat. All of those places requires memberships or reservations, so be sure to contact them ahead of time before showing up.

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Jacqueline Collins
You could also take a ride in the Loopr, a mobile cannabis lounge that drives around Denver; it has an app you can download for routes and schedules. While there are some weed-friendly events going on before Halloween at Spectra Art Space and Black Tape Denver, we haven’t heard of anything specific set for October 31...but we'll be watching.

Check the Cannabis Calendar that will be posted on October 30 for updates.

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