Ask a Stoner: What Kind of Hash Can I Make at Home?

Ask a Stoner: What Kind of Hash Can I Make at Home?

Dear Stoner:
What sort of hash am I legally allowed to make? I know butane is illegal, but what else?

Dear Gene: You’re allowed to make concentrates that don’t require butane, like bubble hash, kief, QWISO hash from rubbing alcohol, and other concentrates extracted with water. As I’m sure you know, butane hash oil or any concentrate made with an open flame is illegal because of that whole explosive thing. If you had a few
thousand dollars lying around and a brain for chemistry, you could make Co2 hash oil, but your best bet is probably bubble hash, QWISO hash or boring old kief — all of which you can learn how to make through stories in our archives.

Blended bubble hash. - WESTWORD
Blended bubble hash.
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