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Bronnor's Hash Vaporizers Recalled Over Ethanol Concerns

A Bronnor Corporation employee prepares a hash-oil vaporizer.EXPAND
A Bronnor Corporation employee prepares a hash-oil vaporizer.
Scott Lentz

The Colorado Department of Revenue, which oversees the Marijuana Enforcement Division, issued a public safety advisory on Wednesday, January 24, announcing a recall of vaporizer pens made by the Bronnor Corporation. The recall, issued in coordination with Bronnor, was in response to potentially unsafe levels of residual ethanol in Bullet Concentrates vaporizer products.

"Consumers who have these affected products in their possession should return them to the retail store from which they were purchased for proper disposal. All affected marijuana has a label affixed to the container that at a minimum indicates the license number of the retail marijuana business that manufactured the retail marijuana, as well as the production batch number assigned to the marijuana," the DOR announcement reads.

No Bronnor products available in dispensaries, including Bullet Concentrates, show the company name prominently on the packaging, because Bronnor manufactures infused products for other enterprises. Instead of creating its own edibles, tinctures, topicals and vaporizer cartridges, Bronnor makes them for brands that don't have manufacturing facilities in the state.

Mandatory testing for residual solvents such as ethanol in cannabis products will begin on February 1 in Colorado. Bronnor voluntarily sent its products for testing, notified the agency when tests came back with ethanol levels that exceeded the limit, and will continue testing the rest of its cannabis, according to the DOR.

The DOR doesn't list the names of the products recalled, but Bronnor and Bullet confirm that Bullet products were the subject of the recall. Bronnor spokeswoman Jennifer Price says that 26 Bullet vape pens were affected, though the DOR announcement didn't include a number. In a joint statement following the recall, Bronnor and Bullet representatives stood by the product.

“This is a highly unfortunate set of circumstances, as we were advised that these pens had passed necessary testing and therefore we could ship this lot of vape pens,” Anthony Segarra, Bronnor vice president of sales, said in the statement. “We are conducting further testing with alternative labs to determine if the original test results were accurate. There is some question as to the validity of the original test, but we nonetheless took immediate corrective action out of an abundance of caution.”

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“We stand behind the superior quality of our product line, and we commend our Colorado partner Bronnor for taking immediate action to comply with this request,” added Bullet vice president Paul Bohannon. “This affects an isolated batch of product, does not impact our products in any other states, nor does it affect any of the other brands produced at Bronnor, and we apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may have caused our customers.”

The license number of the Bronnor production facility and the harvest numbers of the recalled products, both of which are on the vaporizers' packaging, are listed below:

Manufacturing Facility License 404R-00198

Affected production batches:

Update: This article was updated at noon on January 25 to include the statement from Bronnor Corporation and Bullet Concentrates regarding the recall.

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