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Ask a Stoner: How to Safely Humidify Dry Weed

When trying to humidify, a little goes a long way.
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Dear Stoner: I left town for the weekend and came home to an open weed jar with dry buds. How can I inject some life into them without risking mold?

Dear Anthony: For starters, don’t put your weed in the bathroom when taking a hot shower. My stupid ass did that once or twice a long time ago before realizing it was leading to mold, and so will a lot of intentional humidification attempts if you go overboard or wait too long. Your safest, easiest bet is a humidor or packets that regulate cigar and cannabis humidity, but those are also the most expensive route. Still, if you’re a regular cannabis user, a humidor could be a smart investment.
For a cheaper, homemade method to liven up drying buds, place pieces of orange peel or slightly dampened paper towel (distilled water only) in the jar. Just remember: A little goes a long way, and you want as little contact as possible between the pot and your humidifying tools. Check on your cannabis daily to make sure it’s not getting too moist, and then store your stash properly.

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