Ask a Stoner: What Can I Infuse With Cannabis Besides Butter?EXPAND

Ask a Stoner: What Can I Infuse With Cannabis Besides Butter?

Dear Stoner: What can I infuse weed with besides butter? Getting pretty sick of being stuck with baked-goods edibles all the time.
Emerald Lagasse

Dear Emerald: Brownies, cookies and candy bars are all tasty, but if edibles are your preferred consumption method, then sweets can get old after a while. However, there’s a reason that those comprise the majority of baked goods: THC bonds to fat cells, making butter and cooking oils obvious choices for infusion. The infused oils still carry a strong cannabis flavor, though, so many companies make sweets to mask it. But you can cook plenty of savory dishes or meals with butter and cooking oils, and you don’t have to stop there, either.

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Cooking with cannabis is both art and science.
Cooking with cannabis is both art and science.
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Coconut oil, whole or condensed milk, half-and-half and even peanut butter — any liquid (or close enough) with high amounts of fat — can be infused with THC using the same procedure you use to make cannabutter; you might just have to change the heat a little. Dispensaries also carry tasteless powders and liquids infused with THC and CBD, making infused drinks and edibles recipes a cinch...but a lot less fun.

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