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Ask a Stoner: Is Smoking Weed Bad for My Heart?

Maybe it's time to add CBD and edibles to the mix, for your heart's sake.
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Dear Stoner: I told my mom (she’s 84) that I started smoking marijuana, and she swore some new study said it was going to kill my heart. Any truth to that?

Dear Clive: Your mother was probably referring to a statement from the American Heart Association that appeared on CNN and other media outlets earlier this month. The statement referenced studies that found that marijuana use can hurt the heart and blood vessels, and could increase the risk of heart attack. The AHA also said that THC, the main intoxicating compound in cannabis, may induce heart rhythm abnormalities, and that it “appears to stimulate” the sympathetic nervous system, which results in a higher heart rate, increased demand for oxygen and elevated blood pressure.
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According to the American Heart Association, smoking THC may put your heart at risk.
Jacqueline Collins
Most of these risks came from observational, not clinical studies, however, and were associated with smoking cannabis. Smoking is the most popular form of pot consumption by far, but it's not the only method — and it's safe to say that smoking anything is bad for your heart. Interestingly, CBD has been found to reduce heart rate and blood pressure and increase the ability of arteries to open. Maybe it's time to add CBD and edibles to the mix, for Mom's sake.

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