Why Colorado Tokers Love Kong

Kong's hairy, sexy appeal deserves a leisure suit.
Kong's hairy, sexy appeal deserves a leisure suit. Herbert Fuego
If the pantheon of original cannabis strains named after primates were an Olympic event, Gorilla Glue would undoubtedly get the gold, and Grape Ape would take a strong and solidified silver. While the bronze slot might be up for debate, my vote for the next medal winner would be Kong, the hairy wonder of the pot world.

The hybrid's complex effects and classic genetics have provided me dozens of stress-free evenings since college, and I'm happy to see it at more dispensaries lately. Introduced on a wide scale by Holy Smoke Seeds, Kong is a cross between White Russian and Motivation, a little-known strain with Sensi Star and Warlock genetics. The lineage carries a mix of Afghani, AK 47 and Skunk influences, making for one of the easier indica-dominant highs out there, despite the numerous ancestors. Kong has also produced some moderately popular spinoffs, such as Danky Kong and Goldfinger, but it has no relation to Walking Raven's Hong Kong Diesel or even King Kong. The classics in Kong's background create a full-bodied roster of pungent skunky, woody, tart and hash notes sure to please any toker who constantly opines about the good ol' days. If the chill high doesn't win over your parents as they ease back into smoking, Kong’s old-school flavors are sure to get their attention.

Cross Genetics carries a variety of in-house strains with Kong genetics, and its $18 eighths aren't bad on the wallet, either. But those looking for the most pungent representation of the strain should look no further than Kind Meds and wholesale grower Sundance Gardens. Both are a little easier to handle than the traditional, indica-heavy Kong, and they’re more pleasing to the eyes and nose than other versions I've found in Denver.

Looks: Much like Afghani, AK 47 and other classic chronic strains of yesteryear, Kong typically carries a dark-green color and comes packaged in heavy football- and fist-shaped buds, with a dense nug structure, hairy pistil coverage and a sparkling coat of trichomes.

Smell: Anyone who loves the older scents of cannabis would love Kong's throwback aroma. The strain carries a mix of skunky and sour notes with zesty smells of wood and hash on the back end.

Flavor: The tart, funky flavors of Kong shine through immediately after each toke, leaving a lasting skunky aftertaste that'll give away any toker without a breath mint. Subtle tastes of hash and bark creep in as well.

Effects: Kong is generally labeled an indica or indica-dominant hybrid, but I usually enjoy it as a daytime strain — though I can see how it could put low-tolerance users to sleep after a couple of hours. Its relaxing traits don't drain energy, and its visual, cerebral effects still allow me to stay focused. Kong also relaxes the stomach, making it an option for combating nausea, eating disorders, muscle spasms and stress.

Home grower's take: “Kind of hard to find in clones, but you can order seeds of it. Wouldn't recommend it for newbies, based on what I've heard. Nothing that hard about it from my experiences, but I do hear from friends that even small temperature fluctuations can really fuck up the buds. If you're not on with your lighting schedule and insulation, [these] types of strains will be frustrating.”

Commercial grower's take: “We've tried incorporating Kong's genes into a few of our strains because it flowers so fast, but haven't put anything out to sell yet. It won't knock you out of the park with terps or looks, but its effects are top-of-the-line — relaxing, euphoric, blissful and medicating — and it's a bountiful strain with a short flowering period. I think growers have just figured out how to put a ribbon on it, because it's always been a favorite. I also think it gets confused with Gorilla Glue sometimes, which might help it sell a little.”

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