Medical Marijuana Dispensary Review: Five Years Later at Walking Raven in Denver

Like most people, I fondly remember losing my virginity -- not that things went perfectly the first time out. The experience was stumbly, fumbly and over in less time than it took to write this sentence. But still, somehow in my mind, it was one of the greatest life moments ever. Even now that our paths have diverged, with me married and the young woman in question probably living in a trailer somewhere in west Texas, borderline obese and stripping for redneck oilfield workers, there's still a soft spot in my mem'ried mind for her, to paraphrase a great hero of mine, Willie Nelson.

I look back on my first review -- published exactly five years ago today -- of Denver's Walking Raven dispensary in much the same way: Even if the shop isn't exactly how it used to be and I've found plenty of better places to shop in five years, it still stands out.

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William Breathes
Contact: William Breathes