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Maggie's Farm Closes Five Colorado Dispensaries

The southern Colorado chain abruptly closed five stores, but other dispensaries are still popping up across Colorado.
Maggie's Farm announced closures of dispensaries in Cañon City, Colorado Springs, Las Animas and Pueblo.
Maggie's Farm announced closures of dispensaries in Cañon City, Colorado Springs, Las Animas and Pueblo. Google Maps
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Maggie's Farm, a dispensary chain based in southern Colorado, surprised retail customers and medical marijuana patients alike on Tuesday, February 27, by announcing that it would be closing five of its eight stores.

According to the company, only the Manitou Springs dispensary and individual stores in Colorado Springs (818 East Fillmore Street) and Pueblo (4803 North Interstate 25) will remain open.

One of the state's oldest dispensary chains, Maggie's posted a longer message about the closures after receiving public backlash on Facebook.

"We are listening intently and understand the depth of hurt, disappointment, and frustration our recent actions have caused. For the disruption and pain, we sincerely apologize," Maggie's says. "It’s crucial we clarify that the decision to close certain locations was not made lightly or with the intention of benefiting at the expense of our employees and customers. Faced with unforeseen challenges, we found ourselves in a position where we had to make an impossible choice to ensure the survival of Maggie’s Farm for everyone. This difficult decision was aimed at preserving the entirety of the Maggie’s that you knew and loved, though we recognize every option came with its own set of heavy consequences."

Maggie's isn't the only dispensary outfit to close stores of late. World of Weed, a pot shop in Commerce City, closed abruptly last month as well. And Unity Road, a string of dispensaries in Colorado and beyond, recently closed a dispensary in north Denver.

Although a handful of stores have shuttered, others continue popping up around Colorado, including new dispensaries in Broomfield, Grand Junction and Denver. Check out the action below.

Recent Dispensary Openings:

Callie's Cannabis Shoppe
291 Flatiron Crossing Drive, Broomfield

Native Roots
683 Horizon Drive, Grand Junction

2262 South Broadway

2268 South Delaware Street

Recent Dispensary Closings:

1155 South Cherokee Street

Maggie's Farm
1400 Santa Fe Drive, Pueblo

Maggie's Farm
74 North Component Drive, Pueblo

Maggie's Farm

3055 East Highway 50, Cañon City

Maggie's Farm
1420 South Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs

Maggie's Farm
332 Bent Avenue, Las Animas

Unity Road
6101 Washington Street

World of Weed
5433 Quebec Street, Commerce City

Dispensaries Coming Soon:

Best Buds
3814 Walnut Street
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