Ask a Stoner: How Can I Get High and Get Fit?

Ask a Stoner: How Can I Get High and Get Fit?

Dear Stoner: What are some ways to get high and get fit? Like, how much should I smoke or eat, and what workouts should I do?
Resolute Ron

Dear Ron: I’d recommend waiting to get high until after your workout — that gives you something to look forward to, and it’ll be easier to remember your reps — but I’m not your father, so light up and lift if you feel so inclined, brother.

Even if you’re intent on toking or eating edibles before exercising, though, you should keep consumption limited. I have friends who swear by microdosing edibles and then going for a run, heading out on a bike ride, shooting hoops or even lifting. But they microdose, meaning they don’t eat the entire candy bar. Don’t go above 10 milligrams if you try this; any more, and you’re likely to be zonked out and run in the wrong direction with devil eyes.

You might be fast, but are you blazing?EXPAND
You might be fast, but are you blazing?

Limit smoking, too, if that’s your preference, and avoid relaxing indicas or racy sativas. And because smoking dehydrates you and severely dries your mouth, it’s probably best to avoid any endurance training or heavy cardio. That said, there have been several successful short-interval fitness and yoga classes in Denver over the years that allow pot consumption, with participants toking up before and after their workouts. Take inspiration from those.

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