Marijuana Beers, Mocktails and Drinks With a THC Substitute

Shots, shots, shots!
Shots, shots, shots! Scott Lentz
When a heat wave hits and you don't have air conditioning, you have only a few options: Find a nearby pool, go to a movie, or drink something cold. For many of us, that means a frosty beer or chilled cocktail, but not everyone likes alcohol.

Some overheated folks would like to unwind with cannabis while the rest of their friends drink booze, but they can't always do so without creating offense; times may be changing, but smoking will always bother others, no matter what's inside those rolling papers. But there are alternatives: To help you stay high-drated this summer, here are five cannabis-infused beers, mocktails and other beverages.

Now you can enjoy a hoppy brew with your friends. The first THC-infused beer company to hit the market in Colorado, Ceria was founded by Blue Moon creator Keith Villa. The brand was introduced to dispensaries last year, and currently sells a Belgian-style white ale, with plans to drop an American lager and IPA in the near future. The beers are brewed like a traditional barley pop, but the alcohol is taken out and later replaced with THC.

John Dankly
When it comes to refreshing spiked drinks, it's tough to beat a John Daly — also known as an Arnold Palmer with a shot of vodka. The sweet, sugary mix of iced tea and lemonade has wet many whistles on and off the golf course on a hot summer day, and now you can get a THC buzz along with it. Either make your own, or purchase a Dixie Half & Half, a mix of lemonade, iced tea and THC.

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