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Reader: Why Not Regulate Marijuana Delivery Like Alcohol?

Delivery services include local and national efforts.
Delivery services include local and national efforts. Lantern
Aurora and Denver rolled out marijuana delivery programs this past year, but they've been slow to take off.

Drizly, a national service, launched Lantern in the metro area. But Doobba, Denver's first social equity applicant for a delivery service, is currently working with just two dispensaries, even though it talked with several stores in the past year. According to co-founder Ari Cohen, most Denver-area delivery companies are receiving a lot of nibbles but no bites, with fewer than two dozen dispensaries between the two cities opting into the service.

Why has delivery been a dud? In their comments on the Westword Facebook post, consumers offer some opinions. Says Dylan:
You don’t need to involve a separate entity. Dispensaries should deliver their own product.
Responds Michael:
 I agree, and delivery companies should be able to deliver theirs...
Notes Naomi:
I choose to inspect my product before I purchase it. I will not be using a delivery service for marijuana
Replies NedWa: 
Folks who need pain relief and anxiety management the most often can’t drive. Great for you if you can, but please be supportive and encouraging of this new access tool, just as I’d hope you would be for grocery delivery services.
Counters Christine:
I can see that pot delivery could cause major safety and legal issues. The level of security at dispensaries is fairly high—why would you risk a delivery service?
Joe concludes: 
City bureaucrats have made this too difficult, again. What happened to regulate marijuana like alcohol? Why not deliver like alcohol?
What do you think of the marijuana delivery programs? Have you tried one? Post a comment or share your thoughts at [email protected]
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