Low on Weed? Try These Quick, Easy, Personal-Sized Edibles Recipes

Weed-nut butter and jelly sandwich, anyone?EXPAND
Weed-nut butter and jelly sandwich, anyone?
Kenzie Bruce
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Making marijuana edibles at home carries an intimidation factor for those new to the practice, but anyone who's created infused butter, cooking oil or baked goods knows how easy it really is. For most of us, the challenge is finding enough time and weed to do the job — but even that doesn't need to be tough.

Personal-sized edibles are just as easy to make as full batches, and in desperate situations, you can do it in a rush with very small amounts of weed. As long as you have infused butter or cooking oil handy — and both of them are very easy to make in small batches — the options are endless. If you don't, the options are more limited, but you're not without hope.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich
You could always create a fire cracker — a homemade edible made with cannabis flower, peanut butter and graham crackers — but why not have a little taste? Infused peanut butter has become my go-to when traveling. If you're able to score hash or kief, it's incredibly easy to make: Just decarboxylate (heating your cannabis or hash to activate the THC) and melt the hash in a bowl inside your oven for ten to fifteen minutes. Then, throw a few scoops of peanut butter inside the bowl, and put it back in the oven at 230 degrees for about ten minutes. Take out the bowl, stir the peanut butter, then put it back in the oven. After another ten to fifteen minutes, take it out, stir one more time, let it cool, and store it in the fridge.

The peanut butter soaks the melted hash right up, is very easy to make in a rush, and won't draw any attention when you eat it in front of others. If you know the THC potency of your hash, it's relatively simple to calculate dosage, so you can make it potent enough to get stoned off one scoop or lean enough to make a PB&J.

Mug/Bowl Cakes and Muffins
This is essentially a personal cake that uses infused vegetable oil. Now, you could make it from scratch, like this personal chocolate cake recipe by Marijuana Mommy, and it'll probably be delicious. But if you're in a rush, just buy a personal mug cake or muffin mix. Most of them only call for water, but you can always mix oil in there, too. You just mix the batter, water and oil in a mug or bowl, and microwave for less than a minute. They taste more like something cooked in an Easy-Bake Oven than an adult's, but they get the job done.

Scrambled Eggs
This is for the wake-and-bakers who can't smoke. Outside of using infused vegetable or olive oils, we're not telling you how to make scrambled eggs; anyone who doesn't know how probably shouldn't be making edibles to begin with. Throw in spinach, peppers or your favorite omelet additions, and add hot sauce to drown out the weed flavor that infused oil can carry.

Baked Chicken
Another "regular" recipe that simply substitutes infused cooking oil for the square variety, baked chicken helps the high stay strong throughout the day without the sugars and fats. Simply pour a tablespoon of the oil over a chicken breast before cooking it in the oven (the THC cooking oil isn't as effective when cooled on grills and frying pans). I'll often cook infused chicken breasts for the week and cut them up for a dinner salad (which also has a drizzle of THC olive oil). Do the same with rice or couscous for a fully infused meal.

Frozen pizza can save the day in more ways than one when looking for easy homemade edible options.
Frozen pizza can save the day in more ways than one when looking for easy homemade edible options.
Mark Antonation

Frozen Pizza
My roommates always get mad at me for this one — they don't like edibles — but excuse me for taking advantage of a layup. Drizzle infused oil on a pizza pan or lightly on top of the pizza, and then cook your frozen pizza on top of the pan instead of the bare oven rack. The taste is almost impossible to recognize unless the pizza is swimming in oil, and the resulting cold pizza the day after is just as golden.

This easy breakfast option can be medicated with infused butter or milk, and is another quick choice that doesn't require large amounts of sugar. Just prepare for a strong bout of the munchies once the oatmeal is digested — after all those carbohydrates, that high stomach of yours will be ready for a heavy dose of protein.

Hot Cocoa

This is probably better saved for colder months, but infused hot chocolate is extremely easy if you have whole milk, a spice/tea ball or teabags, hot chocolate mix and some herb. Stuff your decarbed flower in the spice ball or an emptied tea bag (staple it shut), and drop it in a pot of milk. Cook the milk on low, and stir often so that a skin doesn't form at the top. After 25 minutes, it's ready for the hot cocoa mix. You know the rest.

Coffee and Tea
Want to infuse your morning beverage but stopped drinking hot cocoa when you were ten? You can use infused creamer instead of milk employing the process above, or pour cannabis butter (or even vegetable oil) in your hot coffee. Infused condensed milk, a popular option for iced teas and coffees, can also be made with that method.

Kief Batter
Possibly the easiest choice on the list in terms of infusion methods, kief batter is brownie, cookie or cake batter with kief mixed in. That's it. You'll probably want to decarb the kief for a few minutes before it's time to bake, but after that's done, just drop the kief in the batter and follow the instructions on the box. It's not the most efficient infusion method, but that's not what convenience is about.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.