Ask a Stoner: Marijuana-Friendly Retirement Homes

Ask a Stoner: Marijuana-Friendly Retirement Homes

Dear Stoner: Are there any cannabis-friendly nursing or retirement homes in Colorado? I’m going to need one sooner than later.

Dear Joe: Colorado isn’t devoid of nursing homes or senior facilities that are lightening up regarding cannabis use and medical marijuana, but don’t expect to magically land in a retirement home with a toking room, either. We couldn’t find any facilities in Colorado advertising themselves as cannabis-friendly, and most nursing homes won’t even allow nurses to apply medical marijuana products to patients (some allow CBD).

Ask a Stoner: Marijuana-Friendly Retirement Homes
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While finding a retirement home that explicitly endorses cannabis use is unlikely, don’t give up. Some retirement homes allow vaping outdoors or in private rooms — or they at least look the other way, and edible use is largely accepted or ignored by most Colorado senior living communities. After all, you are an adult — but I still wouldn’t ask any nurses or employees to feed you.

Balfour Senior Living allows edibles at its four metro-area facilities, and even occasionally holds educational talks for seniors about medical and recreational cannabis. But even Balfour doesn’t allow smoking.

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