Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find Weed-Friendly Yoga?

Ask a Stoner: Where Can I Find Weed-Friendly Yoga?

Dear Stoner: It feels really good to do yoga after I smoke sometimes. Are there any weed-friendly yoga studios in Denver?

Emmy Pittsnoggle

Dear Dry Emmy: There should be soon, since Denver’s public pot-consumption rules and regulations were officially released at the end of June. Qualified restaurants (with no liquor license), art galleries, coffee shops and yoga studios can apply for a city permit to build a private area for social cannabis consumption. The city will start looking at applications in August, and you could see businesses with consumption areas within a few months.

Yoga and pot? That's no stretch.
Yoga and pot? That's no stretch.
Lindsey Bartlett

Marijuana Deals Near You

Until then, look for private yoga sessions and retreats in Colorado that incorporate cannabis. Twisted Sister hosts cannabis-infused weekend retreats in the mountains that include lodging and transportation, and various groups around town hold one-off yoga classes that allow pot. Because the classes are 21-and-up and held in private establishments, attendees can bring their own cannabis to consume...but don’t expect to be able to buy any.

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