Ask a Stoner: Microdosing Before Exercising Only Makes Me Tired

Ask a Stoner: Microdosing Before Exercising Only Makes Me Tired
Dear Stoner: How are people microdosing edibles and then working out? I want to sleep every time I try it.

Dear Jalen: Microdosing cannabis or other substances can mean different amounts for everyone, so consider your tolerance and reactions to THC or CBD in the past before you think you’re microdosing. To me, the single serving of THC in an edible, ten milligrams, is a fine microdose that comes with little crash. However, that amount could get less-regular users really high; instead, they’d probably microdose somewhere closer to 2.5 milligrams. And if you add CBD to that ten milligrams of THC, I’d start yawning soon, too.
click to enlarge Try to stay out of that cloud. - ISTOCK.COM/ERSLER
Try to stay out of that cloud.
It’s all about finding the right combination…but even with plenty of practice, you might not find the perfect microdosing formula for exercising. Some people’s motivation, focus or energy just doesn’t jibe with cannabis, no matter how much they experiment.

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