Ask a Stoner: Mixing Cannabis and Mushroom Edibles

Ask a Stoner: Mixing Cannabis and Mushroom Edibles
Dear Stoner: What happens if I mix weed edibles with magic mushrooms? Is it possible to make edibles that contain both?

Dear Chas: Someone’s trying to party. Cannabis-infused chocolate bars are very popular at dispensaries, and you’ve likely heard of magic mushroom chocolates before. Why not put the two together in the same candy? From a scientific standpoint, the only thing stopping you is gusto — and the feds, or a bad trip. All right, so a few other things may be stopping you, but take inspiration from Lewis and Clark and Indiana Jones. Put that poopy powder in chocolate and get weird, Davy Crockett.
Although cannabinoids and psilocybin bind to food and liquids in different ways, THC oils and mushroom powder both mix into melted chocolate easily. Just be sure you know the dosage and how to handle your shit in case things get trippy, because studies show that cannabis, unsurprisingly, enhances ayahuasca, LSD and psilocybin. Most of these studies were hampered by federal prohibition, however, and the cannabis was smoked, not eaten. There are anecdotal reports and recipes for double-trouble edibles online, so it has been done, but edible highs last longer than smoking highs, so expect a bonus ride or two.

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