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Ask a Stoner: Finding the Balance Between Weed and Coffee

A few hits of Kush and a hot cup of coffee sound great together, but are they?
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Dear Stoner: A wake n' bake followed by a cup of coffee is my favorite way to start a Sunday, but I usually end up overdoing one or the other. How do I find a good balance between weed and coffee?

Dear Casey: Cannabis and coffee were long thought to counteract each other, with caffeine a stimulant and cannabis considered a depressant — but now we know that cannabis can be either a stimulant or a depressant, depending on the strain and how your body reacts to it. And of the little research that has been done, one study suggested that caffeine could actually enhance pot’s effects, not counteract them, while another demonstrated that caffeine and a low dose of THC worsened a mouse’s short-term memory more than high doses of THC alone.
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Sipping coffee and smoking weed may sound like a great mix to some users, but what does the combination really do to us? PopFoto
That said, I love to start a Saturday with a few hits of Kush and a hot cup of coffee. Try to stick with a familiar strain for a morning session, but if you have a new one, start with coffee and then smoke about forty minutes later. It’s not quite as enjoyable, but the effects are much easier to gauge. Just don’t fall into the trap of increasing the consumption of one to balance the other. That’s one slippery toke.

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