Ask a Stoner: Can I Take My Infant Into a Dispensary?

Dear Stoner: My husband and I have virtually zero help with our baby, and our work schedules conflict. Can I go into a dispensary with my infant daughter?

I'm not leaving her in the car.
Zero Options

Dear Zero Options: You'll need to get creative, because dispensaries are very strict about age limits. For starters, no one under the age of 21 (or eighteen, at a dwindling number of medical-only dispensaries) is allowed inside of a dispensary's shopping area. Most pot shops keep the retail space behind a waiting room, with an employee or security guard checking IDs at the partition. Some stores might let a child hang out in the waiting area, but are more likely to ask them to leave out of fear of an undercover inspection.
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Dispensaries are very strict about age limits in their shopping areas.
Jacqueline Collins
If you live at an Aurora or Denver address, you can have cannabis delivered to your house through a legal delivery service. If not, I suggest one of you run a late-night errand to dispensaries in suburban towns with later closing times than in Denver, where dispensaries must close at 10 p.m. and the majority of stores close earlier. Edgewater, Federal Heights, Glendale, Mountain View and Thornton all allow cannabis sales to take place until midnight, and most of their stores stay open that late.

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