O.penVape Releases New Line of Flavored Distillate Cartridges

O.penVape Releases New Line of Flavored Distillate Cartridges
Courtesy of Organa Brands
One of Colorado's largest hash manufacturers has added another product to its lineup. O.penVape, known for its pre-filled vaporizers cartridges, has rolled out ISH pens, a new line of distillate products geared toward novice cannabis consumers.

The pre-filled distillate cartridges come in Bavarian cream, blue raspberry and watermelon flavors. Similar to Evolab's fruit-flavored vape pens released in July, the ISH pens aren't flavored with terpenes or flavors associated with cannabis, instead focusing on sweet and fruit flavors from artificially and natural flavoring. The ISH line is made with distillate, a concentrate made by distilling solvent-run concentrates like wax and shatter into purer, more potent THC.

O.penVape isn't new to the distillate world: Its Craft Reserve cartridges, released on the retail market in 2016, carry distillate with cannabis terpenes reintroduced for flavor. But with the ISH pens, O.penVape is targeting palates that appreciate dessert more than dank.

“We had lots of feedback that people wanted a flavored cartridge, as it appeals to a totally different market than say, the Craft Reserve," says Chris Driessen, president of O.PenVape's parent comany, Organa Brands. "Plus, the addition of flavoring sets it apart in this category. The customer is someone who is perhaps not a strain aficionado — someone looking for rich flavor, without a strong marijuana taste.

"I didn’t know how much I would love these flavors until I tried them, but once I did, I was really impressed with the work of our R&D team," adds Driessen. "It’s not your typical cartridge, and is definitely a refreshing take on flavored distillate.”

The ISH line debuted in dispensaries last week and is available at most O.penVape retailers, a list of which you can find on the ISH webpage. Its suggested retail price is around $20 for 250-milligram cartridges, and $30 for 500-milligram cartridges, according to Organa Brands.
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