Why Colorado Tokers Love Recon

Recon's high gives you a low profile.EXPAND
Recon's high gives you a low profile.
Herbert Fuego
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Growing up in the rural desert gave me lots of opportunities to shoot things. Nothing living, of course, other than my friends. Before discovering fireworks, we lit each other up with paintballs and air-soft BBs without mercy. The welts and burns were temporary, but the memories should last a lifetime.

The baddest mother bleeper in the paintball squad was always the one who scouted the enemy’s defense — or did recon, as a bunch of tweens playing war liked to call it. That job usually involved getting pelted by the other team, and groin shots were always on the table. As a tall kid with a long groin, I thought the concept of recon could fuck right off. Now, as a pothead with road rage and little tolerance for dumb questions, I don't think Recon’s so bad.

This nighttime hybrid is mostly full of L.A. Confidential genetics through backcrossing and breeding, with some Cannalope Haze in there as well. Afghani and landrace sativas are heavily featured in the extended family tree, so imagine Recon’s smell and flavor as a terped-up version of Mexican, Thai and Afghani strains from yesteryear. Such a classic background with more substance than style is rare in today’s commercial landscape, and always welcome in my bowl.

Recon was bred by European seed company DNA Genetics, but it’s become popular in American markets. California and Colorado dispensaries alike stock the strain, with Colorado even spawning Recon OG — a mix between Recon and OG Kush — that’s just as easy to find in dispensaries, carrying a similar high and more piney flavor. We’ve spotted Recon at Apothecary Farms, Bonfire Cannabis, Denver Kush Club, Green Dragon, Green Man Cannabis, Herbs4You, Lightshade, Livegreen, LoDo Wellness, Smokin Gun Apothecary, the Stone Dispensary, Trenchtown and Urban Dispensary. My favorite so far comes from Green Man, which pushes out hearty flavors of wood and acidic lemon and remains almost free of the OG and Cookies flavors currently dominating commercial strains.

Looks: Bright-green color, triangular and banana-shaped buds and L.A. Confidential genetics remind me of bags from California, but the strain’s European heritage says otherwise. Either way, it’s a West Coast classic, reminiscent of Kush strains that glowed with mystery on the black market twenty years ago.

Smell: Expect zesty notes of black pepper and wet wood up front, followed by floral hints and slight whiffs of pine finished off with strong, acidic hints of lemon. Although layered, Recon’s smell is far from complex, reminding users of old classics like Colombian Gold or Panama Red.

Flavor: My experiences with Recon tend to showcase the strain’s spicy, woody and citrus notes, much like sessions with L.A. Confidential. However, there are cuts that carry sweeter flavors of melon and vanilla.

Effects: Recon’s high tends to stay trapped between the ears, providing little relief for the body but a soothing escape for the mind. Although such a head high might seem like a daytime-worthy experience, the effects are calming, euphoric and inevitably too relaxing for any meaningful concentration. Keep it around for headaches, mental fatigue and stress, but don’t expect to calculate the tip after dinner.

Home grower’s take: “You can still get seeds of this pretty easily if you know where to look online. Good strain for anyone who likes Afghani or L.A. Confidential but can’t find either. I personally wish you tasted the Cannalope Haze more in it, but that could just be my grow.”

Commercial grower’s take: “Effects would have you think sativa, but the genetics are definitely indica. Just goes to show you how wrong all of that indica/sativa shit is. Recon might be close to getting passed over by Recon OG, at least in Colorado. People really like pushing the OGs, as always, but I think Recon is better in the grow. Shorter flowering time, and the yield is just as good, if not better.”

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.