Ask a Stoner: Are We Sure the Postal Service Cares About Mailing Weed?

Ask a Stoner: Are We Sure the Postal Service Cares About Mailing Weed?
Dear Stoner: I’m convinced that the U.S. Postal Service looks the other way on mailing weed, because it’d go out of business if it didn’t.

Dear Larry: Will you still believe this after the weed wears off? That’s quite the conspiracy — and one the United States Postal Service would likely deny with vigor, based on the messages we’ve gotten over the years. More than once, we’ve received a USPS email (a letter would have been more appropriate) reminding us that shipping weed through the mail is still illegal, and that the department is eager to confiscate packages that contain any cannabis contraband. Hey, people asked us how to do it, and we answered.
The Postal Service hasn’t made an annual profit since 2006, and was number 123 in last year’s Fortune Global 500 rankings, 34 spots behind UPS and twelve spots in front of FedEx — but a lot of people seem to forget that the Postal Service isn’t a business, but a branch of the federal government. Just because the feds chase bigger prizes than the half-ounce you mailed a friend in Nashville doesn’t mean the USPS depends on it for profit. Well, not in this current regime, anyway.

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