Ask a Stoner: Should I Feel Bad for an Occasional Toke While Working From Home?

Dear Stoner: A tiny bit of weed makes me productive on occasion when working at home. My wife judges me for “getting high at work.” Who’s wrong?

Dear Tabe: You are, for coming to me for relationship advice. If your job requires THC drug tests, random video meetings or phone calls — or, God forbid, frequent Slack messages — then I see why your wife is concerned. Getting too stoned or experiencing unintended effects are always risks when consuming, and both of those situations inevitably turn into a nap or other lengthy distraction. But then, you could argue the same thing about food and caffeine. Drinking too much coffee or eating a huge lunch kills concentration and makes the afternoon a slog. But neither of those actions would get us fired on our days off. Weed still can.
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Maria Levitov
Still, I’m mostly on your side. We’re not “at work” if we’re typing an email in bed without pants on, and small hits don’t take regular users into deep waters. The occasional toke while at home isn’t a big deal, but only if it stays that way and is done when stakes are low.

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