Ask a Stoner: Rolling Blunts With Rose Petals

Ask a Stoner: Rolling Blunts With Rose Petals
Dear Stoner: I saw a joint wrapped in rose petals yesterday. I was told it was okay to smoke, but passed. Is that really a thing?

Dear Scotty: If you can smoke a blunt in tobacco or cannabis leaves, why not rose petals? You’ve likely smoked out of worse. Rose-petal blunts seem gimmicky — because they sort of are — but they’re not as much of a sham as you think. Rolling blunts with rose petals became a popular social media trend a few years ago, and the practice has since been refined to the point that rose-petal cones and pre-rolls are sold at smoke shops and dispensaries. Smoked for their floral flavor and romantic novelty, roses can actually make a decent wrap, as long as you follow important steps.

First, don’t buy rolling roses from a florist. Bouquets are ornamental and sprayed with all sorts of toxic shit. Get an organic rose, and rinse it for good measure. Then flatten some petals, lick and stick them together into a wrap, broil it for about ten seconds, then let it sit for a few minutes. Grind up your herb finely, and roll the blunt tightly before putting it back in the oven for another ten seconds. Let it sit again for a minute or so, then puff away.

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