Ask a Stoner: Smoking CBD Isolate

Ask a Stoner: Smoking CBD Isolate
Dear Stoner: I live next to a head shop that sells CBD isolate for cheap and might buy some, but I’m not sure how to smoke it. I was told to dab it, but it’s sort of powdery. Can I just smoke it in a bowl with flower?

Dear Kitch: It does look sort of Breaking Bad at first, doesn’t it? But anything called “isolate” tends to look white, powdered or crystallized, so I guess we can’t be shocked. Inhaling CBD raw isolate is bad for you, and smoking or dabbing anything isn’t good for the lungs, but smoking or dabbing CBD isolate has become popular among people seeking relief from pain, anxiety, past addictions or other ailments.

Most of the dabbing is done with a honey straw, which is heated and used to dab the isolate and suck up the vapor, or a traditional rig, though that’s slightly more awkward because of isolate’s sprinkle-like or powdery nature. You can also top your flower with CBD isolate, but I recommend using a bong to make sure you don’t suck through any isolate particles. Isolate can also be mixed into fatty foods (butter, cooking oil and peanut butter in a pinch) if you don’t want to smoke.

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