Ask a Stoner: How Do I Try "Pure" Marijuana?

Ask a Stoner: How Do I Try "Pure" Marijuana?

Dear Stoner: I don’t smoke, nor do I want to smoke any nicotine or any harmful substances. But I do want to try marijuana — just the most pure form, I suppose. How do you suggest I start?

Dear Aiman: I guess this all hinges on your definition of “pure marijuana.” Marijuana in its purest form is just frickin’ marijuana. Go buy some buds that smell nice (and are grown without too many additives or pesticides, to go along with this “pure” objective), get some clean glassware, and puff away. You can even buy that pot at a dispensary named Pure; there are three in Denver.

The term "marijuana" spans a lot of products nowadays.
The term "marijuana" spans a lot of products nowadays.
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If you’re talking about pure cannabinoids — as in only consuming THC, CBD or both — then you’ll want to look toward concentrates, specifically CBD isolate and THC crystalline, distillate and terp sauce. Isolate, crystalline and distillate are ultra-refined forms of the cannabinoids and are stripped of plant fats and terpenes, which are responsible for marijuana’s smells and flavors. Terp sauce is a THC-rich concentrate mixed with extracted terpenes, so it’s both potent and flavorful. Choose wisely, brother.

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