Ask a Stoner: You Can Get Stoned in Your Sleep?

Ask a Stoner: You Can Get Stoned in Your Sleep?
Dear Stoner: My friend said he held a blunt to his roommate’s lips as his roommate was asleep on the couch, and that his roommate woke up stoned. Is that even possible?

Dear Skeptik: Stoner story time. Not only is it possible, it happened to me about six years ago. After bar-hopping with my friends, I started nodding off as they watched The Departed for the umpteenth time and rolled a blunt. The night of beer, shots and pizza quickly put me out, though, and no noisy gunshots or bad Boston accents were going to wake me up on that recliner. Not until around 4 a.m., at least, when I awoke high as shit with a mouth made of sandpaper and stale Swisher Sweets.
I threw a few back in my early twenties, but c’mon now: I’d remember waking up from a late nap and smoking pot with obnoxious friends. And after some hung-over interrogation the next day, they quickly confessed (eagerly, actually; they even showed me the video) to putting the blunt to my lips as I unconsciously breathed it in. It sure worked, because it felt as if I’d eaten a potent edible right before falling asleep. It’s better than a Sharpie-drawn penis on your forehead, but I’d still keep an eye on that friend of yours.

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