Sweet Leaf's Thornton location will be its eleventh store.EXPAND
Sweet Leaf's Thornton location will be its eleventh store.
Scott Letnz

Thornton's First and Only Dispensaries Will Have Familiar Faces

Initially content with viewing the commercial cannabis experiment from the sidelines, the City of Thornton banned dispensaries back in 2010. That all changed last August, though, when the Thornton City Council lifted the ban and began considering applications for recreational pot shops.

A town of more than 136,000 people, according to U.S. Census estimates, Thornton has approached its burgeoning cannabis sector with more trepidation than Denver did, allowing just one dispensary in each of the city's four geographical quadrants. The council approved its fourth and final applicant in April, setting the stage for open recreational dispensaries as early as late summer.

Although Thornton officials say that none of the stores are close to finishing construction, the locations and licensees are set, and they're all familiar brands to consumers used to buying cannabis in Denver or Aurora.

Curious about what part of town they'll be in? Keep reading to see where Thornton's pot shops will be going, and what they might look like based on similar locations in nearby cities.

Green Dragon's Quincy Avenue location in Aurora.EXPAND
Green Dragon's Quincy Avenue location in Aurora.

Green Dragon
5823 East 128th Avenue, Thornton
Eleven current locations

Medicine Man's Aurora locaton.EXPAND
Medicine Man's Aurora locaton.
Scott Letnz

Medicine Man
130 West 84th Avenue, Thornton
Two current locations

Rocky Road's Aurora location.EXPAND
Rocky Road's Aurora location.
Scott Letnz

Rocky Road
3901 East 112th Avenue,Thornton
Five current location

Sweet Leaf's East Evans Avenue location in south Denver.EXPAND
Sweet Leaf's East Evans Avenue location in south Denver.
Scott Lentz

Sweet Leaf
2551 East 120th Avenue, Thornton
Ten current locations

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