Medical marijuana dispensary busted in Thornton, where they're banned

According to attorney Jessica Corry, one aspect of HB 1284, the medical marijuana regulatory bill on the verge of becoming law, that's most deserving of being challenged in court involves communities' ability to ban MMJ dispensaries.

That's what Thornton has done, and earlier this week, it exercised its powers in this respect by busting a dispensary termed "illegal" by the police department because it was operating within town limits.

Donald Faltermeier Jr., identified as the owner of the dispensary, and Phillip Vincent Garcia, who had the bad luck to arrive with a delivery as cops were at the location, are under investigation for possession of marijuana with the intent to distribute; approximately nine pounds of cannabis was seized. Look below to see a photo of Garcia and more details courtesy of the Thornton PD.

Illegal Medical Marijuana Dispensary

On 05-06-10, at approximately 3:27 PM, the North Metro Drug Task Force with the assistance of the Thornton Police Department Crime Enforcement Response Team executed a search warrant at Street Glass, 8671 N. Washington Street, Thornton, in reference to an alleged illegal Medical Marijuana Dispensary operating at that location. Officers confiscated 3.16 pounds of marijuana, edible marijuana products and hash concentrate from the business. Officers arrested the owner/operator (Faltermeier) of the business.

During the execution of the search warrant an adult male (Garcia) made a marijuana delivery to the business and was subsequently arrested and taken into custody. Garcia had 5.84 ounces of marijuana in his possession.

Medical Marijuana Dispensaries are prohibited within the city limits of Thornton.

Arrested for investigation of Possession of Marijuana with the Intent to Distribute was:

Donald William Faltermeier 8671 N. Washington Street Thornton, Co. 80229 Date of Birth: 02-19-1961

Phillip Vincent Garcia 5976 Simms Street Arvada, CO. 80004 Date of Birth: 05-14-1971

The case remains under active investigation by the North Metro Drug Task Force. Pending further investigation additional arrests and charges could be filed in the case.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.