Ask a Stoner: Can I Take Cannabis Clones Out of Colorado?

Dear Stoner: Do I have to be a resident of Colorado to buy marijuana clones there?
Russell Roudybush

Dear Russ: Nope. Any adult (21+) with a valid form of identification can purchase cannabis products in Colorado, and that includes clones — which is ironic, because said adults buying clones can't take them out of Colorado legally.

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Cannabis plants in their vegetative state.
Madeline St. Amour
And smuggling cannabis clones out of Colorado isn’t easy, because the young plants are delicate. If you’re caught taking any products with THC in them across state lines, you can be charged both by the state where you’re caught and federally; although consuming a cannabis clone won't get anyone high, its ability to produce buds down the line still makes it contraband in the law's eyes. Seeds are harder to cultivate and don't always produce a female plant, but they're much easier to ship or travel with.

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