Ask a Stoner: Are Cannabis Growers Fertilizing With Urine?

Ask a Stoner: Are Cannabis Growers Fertilizing With Urine?
Dear Stoner: Are growers using pee to fertilize marijuana? I heard some do that, and I’d like to avoid any shops that do.

Dear Grossed: No one’s pissing on your nugs — not for growing purposes, at least. But this isn’t a complete urban legend: In theory, human urine could be used as a fertilizer for cannabis because it’s rich in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, all of which plants like. But it would also have to be heavily diluted with water before it’s fed to plants. Remember the McDonald’s worm-burger rumor? Even if the company wanted to add worms to its burgers, that just wouldn’t be financially viable, because worms are more expensive than beef. Now imagine how much urine it would take to feed the thousands of plants in the commercial grows supplying your pot: Employees would have to chug water all day.

click to enlarge That Cat Piss strain is so 2010. - SHUTTERSTOCK.COM/RABBIT STUDIO
That Cat Piss strain is so 2010. Studio
But why get so worked up at the thought of urine fertilizer, anyway? Almost everything we eat from the earth was grown or fertilized by some type of animal shit, and weed that was supposedly grown organically was most likely fertilized with cow manure (shit) or bat guano (also shit). Nature, man. Embrace it.

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