Viola Brands Launches Reefa, a Cannabis Line for Budget-Conscious Shoppers

Viola Brands founder Al Harrington played for Denver Nuggests form 2010 to 2012.
Viola Brands founder Al Harrington played for Denver Nuggests form 2010 to 2012. Courtesy of Viola Brands
Viola Brands has launched a new label of marijuana flower and concentrates for budget-conscious shoppers: Reefa.

Founded by longtime NBA player and former Denver Nugget Al Harrington, Viola Brands was named after Harrington's grandmother, Viola. According to the company, "reefa" was what Harrington's grandmother used to called marijuana, and the term "brings a positive familiarity to a word that was used to demonize it for so long."

Reefa flower, concentrate and vape cartridges are born from genetics similar to those of other Viola products, according to a company representative, but with lower price tags and, in flower's case, lower THC percentages.

"With the current state of the world in disarray and people needing to choose between buying everyday necessities and cannabis, we wanted to bring to market options that allowed them to purchase Viola without having to sacrifice. We’re a company by the culture and for the culture, and we want to make sure that we stay true to that no matter what," reads a statement from Viola.

As Colorado marijuana prices and dispensary sales continue to fall, several popular marijuana growers and brands have shifted toward more affordable products to lure in consumers, such as smaller, looser flower, traditionally dubbed "popcorn buds." Brands that maintain higher reputations among shoppers, however, usually choose to start a new label instead of directly connecting themselves with less expensive or lower-tier products.

Viola has been busy over the past few months. In June, Harrington and company launched a new line of marijuana concentrate in Colorado dispensaries in partnership with NBA legend Allen Iverson. The next month, Viola announced a deal with the National Basketball Players Association that made Viola the official CBD provider for NBA players. And in September, Viola stepped into Colorado's edibles arena, partnering with Dialed In to produce rosin gummies.

Reefa products are just now being rolled out in Colorado dispensaries, and can be found at most stores carrying Viola Brands.
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