Ask a Stoner: Where Did All the High-CBD Strains Go?

Dear Stoner: Where are all the high-CBD strains at dispensaries? I can’t find them anymore.

Dear Seb: High-CBD strains were all the rage at dispensaries three and four years ago, when every store had at least one strain with a 1:1 CBD-to-THC ratio or better. Ever since hemp was legalized in 2018, though, the way CBD is sold and used has changed a lot. Because CBD doesn’t get users high, the majority of consumers prefer to avoid smoking it, and dispensaries have transitioned to edibles and tinctures that have more exact doses. The hemp-derived CBD market, although unregulated, took over the space of CBD buds and extracts, and now flower with upwards of 20 percent CBD and almost zero THC can be bought online or in smoke shops.
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Jacqueline Collins
Then came the recent development of converting CBD into Delta-8 THC, another gray-market cannabinoid — except this one gets users high. Since Delta-8 products emerged, smokeable CBD products carry even less allure. However, you can still find high-CBD buds and concentrates with THC at dispensaries; they’re just not stocked as often. Take advantage of the search option in online menus, and be prepared to drive out of your neighborhood.

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