Why Colorado Tokers Love StarKiller

StarKiller OG will take you to hyperspace faster than an Imperial TIE Fighter.
StarKiller OG will take you to hyperspace faster than an Imperial TIE Fighter. Herbert Fuego
Star Wars strains have quietly claimed a healthy niche in a galaxy that takes us far, far away. Many of them trace their roots back to OG Kush; Death Star, Darth Vader OG, Skywalker OG and Yoda OG are all either phenotypes of, or bred from, an OG strain. Skywalker and Death Star gained nationwide attention in the mid-2000s for their hefty effects and intense Kush-y flavors, and Colorado breeder Rare Dankness continued that powerful line of strains with StarKiller OG.

Also known as StarKiller, this indica was bred from a Rare Dankness #2 male and Skywalker OG, and it’s relatively new to the Star Wars family tree. Despite the Skywalker genetics, StarKiller is known for taking users to the dark side, heavily sedating and hampering concentration almost immediately. A wake-and-bake is a surefire way to start your day at noon instead of 8 a.m., so keep this one on the shelf until the sun goes down.

StarKiller’s a third-generation OG cut, so it’s not quite as OG-forward as the others, but it still keeps the tradition of earthy, skunky and piney notes alive and well. With sweet-and-sour hints of diesel, lemon and custard, though, it’s more of a balanced treat, perfect for those tired of grainy Kush flavors dominating their palates. But don’t let the diesel notes trick you into thinking there will be a sativa uplift: This indica-dominated hybrid shows no mercy, robbing users of both energy and focus and holding them hostage for at least three to five hours.

More suitable for watching Star Wars than waging war, StarKiller can melt pain and stress across all tolerances. Its THC potency often reaches 27 percent, making it a great choice for medical patients for both mind and body ailments. But take it slow: The force is strong in this one.

Looks: Reminiscent of Skywalker, StarKiller’s fluffy but compact buds are a light forest green with faint hints of purple; they can look like lime-green SweeTarts under a heavy coat of milky trichomes.

Smell: Intense notes of lemon, diesel, hash and soil mix together to create a tart, piney smell that instantly reminds you of the strain’s heavy OG heritage — but with a sweet lemon twist.

Flavor: Although its piney OG flavors are up front and easy to detect, StarKiller brings a welcome creamy lemon and Haze-like zest at the end for a more full-bodied flavor than other OG cuts.

Effects: StarKiller’s effects are pretty universal, typically pulling users down with an intense body high while making eyelids weigh forty pounds. The relaxation extends past the body, though, attacking anxiety, stress and depression while increasing appetite. Good for body pain, mental anguish and anyone with a labor-intensive job, StarKiller’s potent indica characteristics make this an exceptional medicinal strain.

Home grower’s take: “Very skunky and earthy in the grow. My partner was starting to get tired of that dank Kush-iness around week seven, so by week ten, he was pretty happy we were harvesting. I loved it, though, and those diesel and lemon flavors really came through after a couple weeks [curing] in the jars. Rare Dankness says it’s a 70/30 indica, but it feels much more like 90/10 to me. Yields were okay — a little more than four ounces per plant, I think. Pretty tame if you keep the temperature safe.”

Commercial grower’s take: “I’ve never grown this for the shop, but I’ve dabbled in some seeds from Rare Dankness before. I got six and was very impressed with the health, and those jet-fuel and citrus smells in the grow made it a treat to visit. I’ve heard it can get a little musty, but I never experienced that. Keep the temperature in the mid-’70s and monitor your lighting like a hawk. The result is worth it.”

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