Ask a Stoner: Why Aren't More Gas Stations Selling Weed?

Dear Stoner: Why aren’t there more gas stations selling cannabis in Colorado, like Circle K is in Florida? It sounds like a very nice convenience.

Dear Maxwell: That’s not enough to persuade me to move to Florida, but hats off to them. You might be surprised to learn that two dispensary/gas station hybrids have been open in Colorado for seven years now, but the model just hasn’t caught on, and for a couple of reasons. Both of these dispensaries, dubbed Gas & Grass, are located in Colorado Springs, so the stores are only allowed to sell medical marijuana. That’s a big limit on customers, but I think the main obstacles for these stores are state laws banning us from picking up all our convenience-store needs in one trip.
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Native Roots has been operating Gas & Grass since 2015.
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In Colorado, dispensaries are barred from selling any consumable product without cannabis or cannabis extract, so Gas & Grass dispensaries can't sell any food or drink that isn’t infused with cannabis. Sure, you can buy lighters, papers and smoking accessories at dispensaries, but until I can grab a pack of good pre-rolls (emphasis on the good), a six-pack and some Doritos at the same cash register, I’d rather keep my errands separate.

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