Ask a Stoner: Will Dumping Weed on a Campfire Get Everyone High?

Ask a Stoner: Will Dumping Weed on a Campfire Get Everyone High?

Dear Stoner: I know this is stupid, but I've always had this fantasy of throwing weed on a campfire and getting the whole crew high. Can that even be done?

Dear Nelson: What a waste of weed, man. Stoner foul. A similar, more serious question is unfortunately asked almost annually when wildfires start breaking out in northern California, a region known for outdoor cannabis farms and illegal growing operations. Once these fires start burning beyond control, some of the pot farms become engulfed, and it's natural to ask the question: Would a burning field of weed get me stoned? The answer is a simple “No.”

That fire smells good, man.EXPAND
That fire smells good, man.
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There's too much air flow and ventilation outside for a cannabis fire to make you high; get too close to the fire, and you’ll just screw up your lungs. Studies have shown that it’s very hard to get high from secondhand pot smoke. Even being in a hotboxed room won’t do it when a small air conditioner is running. If there's no ventilation, though, you might start feeling something after the twentieth blunt is lit.

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