Ask a Stoner: Is Vaping Safe Again?

Ask a Stoner: Is Vaping Safe Again?
Dear Stoner: So is it safe to vape again, or what?

Dear Reebs: The stories about vaping illnesses and deaths largely (but not completely) calmed down once the connection was made to black-market products and the chemicals and additives used to make them, such as vitamin E acetate. While we’re not aware of any reports of anyone dying or being hospitalized after using vaping products obtained at Colorado dispensaries, the state Marijuana Enforcement Division has banned any THC vaping products made with vitamin E acetate along with polyethylene glycol (PEG) and medium chain triglycerides (MCT oil), two other vape-liquid additives linked to long-term health affects.
click to enlarge Vaping has been linked to over 2,200 illnesses across the country. - JACQUELINE COLLINS
Vaping has been linked to over 2,200 illnesses across the country.
Jacqueline Collins
The additive ban was implemented January 1, and cartridges made without any solvents or additives have been on the market for a while, if you’re still worried. But if you’re that worried, you could always go back to dabbing hash pens — or, better yet, smoking regular ol’ weed once in a while. Inhaling from any of these combustion methods is ultimately unhealthy for your lungs, and the effects of long-term vaping and smoking are unquestionably bad for you, so try to stick with the devil you know.

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