Ask a Stoner: Is Hash Butter the Easier Route?

Dear Stoner: I’m going to start making my own weed butter, but would it be easier to just make it with hash? Would it be stronger that way?

Dear Kae: Everything is stronger with hash involved, yet so many people opt for flower instead. When a $25 gram of wax packs 650 milligrams of THC and an eighth of weed has less than 350 milligrams for the same price, the answer seems obvious. Sure, your hash butter won’t be green, but that color change is a result of chlorophyll, anyway, and doesn’t reflect THC content.

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Hash butter won’t be green, but that color change doesn’t reflect THC content.
Jacqueline Collins
Not only is hash butter usually stronger than cannabutter made with flower, it’s also easier to create. Simply decarboxylate the hash just as you would flower (but without the grinding, cleanup and obvious smell drifting out of the kitchen), add it to the butter, then stir gently until the hash has dissolved. Let the THC bind with the butter over low heat for an extra thirty minutes or so, and you’re good to go. No straining of plant matter necessary.

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